Online Programs

DYN employs a variety of online tools and resources in order to provide an authentic new media learning environment. Research has uncovered an astonishing amount of informal learning that takes place within and around new media. The power to motivate and facilitate learning lies not in the technological tools themselves, but in the social interactions they afford. According to Jenkins (2006), the key characteristics of participatory cultures enabled by new media are low barriers to individual expression and engagement, strong support for creativity and sharing one’s creations, and informal mentorship of less experienced participants. In successful cultures of participation, individuals believe their contributions matter and care about how their creations are viewed by others.

DYN has developed tools to:

  • Support youth in learning 24/7. (Remix World)
  • Share our curricular materials in an effort to support the development of a community around effective new media instructional materials. (DICE)
  • Create an environment where youth learn to use new media artifacts to express their perspective.(Remix World)