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Coaching New Mentors

  • Thumb_tene

    Posted over 3 years ago by Tene Gray.

    Meetings with the new mentor have been going well. We met yesterday (4/26), and I realized through my reflections that it makes more sense to ground our conversation in DICE as a way to demonstrate the DYN Framework! It was helpful to be able to articulate how DICE supports the planning and organizing of units and lessons as a way to support the creation of digital artifacts. Now, keep in mind there are a lot of units and lessons that need tweaking, but having DICE allows us to take a look at our units to do the following:

    - Analyze units/lessons for strengths and weaknesses

    - Make necessary revisions where needed

    - Contextualize units for specific/other purposes

    - Demonstrate how units are connected to projects

    - Demonstrate how projects are connected to goals

    - Demonstrate how lessons are connected to deliverables

    - Demonstrate how deliverables are connected to outcomes and criteria, which inform the focus of the lessons

    There is a clear connection between units, projects, lessons, deliverables, and outcomes, which makes it easier for teachers to take a unit and plan accordingly with the criteria/assessments when determining what needs to be taught. The new mentor found our discussion time useful. He had a few lightbulb moments as we walked and talked through the process. We were able to plan out a five-week unit, being specific about the project students would create, how we would contextualize it for his class, what assessment criteria we would use to inform critique and revision sessions, and how the project steps should inform the lessons designed for each day. It was extremely helpful, not just for the new mentor but for me as well.

    Having DICE will be a great resource that will support the new mentors hired for the Smart Communities project. However it is imperative that units and lessons be completed with the projects and goals associated with them, assessment criteria associated with deliverables and all resources and files, which means I have a lot of work to do. . .

    Next week, my plan is to discuss and analyze what worked and didn't work in the first two lessons. Additionally, I plan to help the new mentor make connections between the DYN curriculum framework (critical, constructive, and social tiers) and how this framework is used to further plan out units and lessons!